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As quite possibly of the biggest business in the US of America, USPS offers its workers admittance to a web-based entrance that includes various areas and capabilities. This entryway is known as Liteblue, and one of its primary areas is 'My HR', which fills in as the organization's web-based HR page.

Nonetheless, few out of every odd HR enquiry can be taken care of utilizing the My HR site. At times it very well might be important to address a HR expert by calling the organization's HR Shared Help Place or HRSSC.

An Outline Of The USPS HR Site.
The HR site can be arrived at by opening a program and exploring to

The site permits USPS workers to get to various administrations associated with the HR office at whatever point it is advantageous to them. A portion of the administrations accessible incorporate the choice to refresh individual data, finding out about profession improvement choices, and the capacity to see worker advantages and finance related data.

Here is an outline of the fundamental capabilities accessible by means of the USPS HR site:

Making changes to health care coverage inclusion.
Confirming business status.
Sending requests for employment.
Seeing the relevant TSP Bring Rates back.
Data about Family Leave approaches.
Admittance to the organization's ePayroll stage.
Admittance to the Authority Staff Organizer (eOPF) to view and print records.
To do any of the abovementioned, you can utilize the HR site and won't have to telephone the HR Division. All you really want to utilize the site is sign in through liteblue with the Worker ID recorded in your profit proclamation, and with your self-administration secret phrase.

When Do I Have To Contact A USPS HR Trained professional?
Any undertaking or question that isn't accessible by means of the USPS HR site should be taken to a HR subject matter expert. You can reach out to a HR master by reaching the HR Shared Help Community. The following are a few instances of normal points and enquiries that can't be managed utilizing the liteblue HR site:

Any government medical advantages or gathering extra security you might be qualified for.
Adaptable Spending Records.
Frugality Saving Plans.
Military leave and regular citizen/military repurchase choices.
Passing advantages and recipient assignments.
Neighborhood or state tax collection.
Retirement, including deliberate withdrawal from the workforce.
Handling of SF 50.
Reaching USPS HR.
To arrive at the HR Shared Assistance Community, dial 1-877-477-3273 and select choice 5 from the principal menu. Active times are Monday - Friday, from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Clients who are hearing hindered can get to the TTD/TYY administration on 1-866-260-7507.

You may likewise send composed mail to the HR Shared Assistance Place to enquire about advantages and remuneration matters. The postage information is as per the following:

PO Box 970400
NC 27497-0400
Assuming your enquiry is associated with retirement or divisions, you can mail your letter to:

PO Box 970500.


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