New World: The development blog shares new content and server transfer features that will be added soon

New World players will have some new tests in the near future, and server transfers will be available again.


New World players will have some new tests in the near future, and server transfers will be available again.

Amazon Game Studios has so far been mum on New World news for 2022. Today, however, that changed when a 50-minute dev blog was shared to the game's official YouTube channel.

In this discussion, the game team shared the Cheap New World Coins details of the update in January, as well as the PTR plan and server transfer in February. New World's January update will first introduce an expedition modifier called Mutators. The latest addition to the endgame content is mutants, which will make expeditions more difficult while offering greater rewards.

Mutated Tuning Orbs will be available as a result of this system, and players will be able to start any expedition with this type of Orb. Players can navigate the map faster to take advantage of new mutants, and six new spiritual temples have been added to the game. This reduces the cost of fast travel.

The final change to the New World endgame, Expertise, has also been added. Players can now increase their feats to 625, up from the previous cap of 600.

The PTR in February won't change much. The game team says the February update will focus on bug fixes and won't include any new content.

Also, server population has been an issue since day one of the game, and the game team is still planning to address this further. In addition, more mergers will appear in the game in the future, and the second transfer token will also be distributed to all players. Currently, there is no specific date.

In addition to these changes mentioned above, most of the additions in the coming months are mainly to fix the bugs and New World Coins problems that plagued the game.

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