What is the importance of Pronunciation & Accents In IELTS?

IELTS writing technique is the most important part to score good bands in the examination. Hence perfect pronunciation is also important while speaking. Learn more.


Pronunciation and accents are 2 various points in the IELTS test each playing various duties in noting your IELTS test. What these concepts issue in the IELTS exam as well as just how prospects should work with improving these are all given up in the post below-.

Firstly, let's start with the standard distinction between pronunciation as well as accent.

What is Pronunciation?

Pronunciation is the art of making your words sound clear and with the proper tone. This is one of the attributes consisted of in the IELTS noting standards. Enunciation along with various other marketing requirements is calculated and averaged to note the last IELTS talking examination score of prospects.

What is Accent?

The accent is the method of distinctly pronouncing the word. The unique methods rely on.
The location from your mom's and dad's belongs.

Your native tongue.
The place you stay in.
Your Social Condition.

There are countless accents available throughout the globe so it bit unfair to only favor one certain accent. Because of this, noting is refrained on the basis of accent but indeed certainly on the basis of pronunciation. As long as your enunciation is exact as well as clear you are at ease with obtaining the preferred band score specifically in IELTS Talking Test.
We have decided that Accent doesn't matter in any way in IELTS talking test as you are not evaluated on the basis of accent. Currently, the concern arises- "What Should I concentrate on?".

What happens if I had a mixed accent?

Well, you don't need to fret about that. It's totally fine if you have a blended accent, nearly all of us have that variant in accents while speaking. Even if we speak about indigenous audio speakers they likewise have blended accents. The IELTS speaking examination is not noted on the basis of accents so if you have a mixed accent with excellent pronunciation, definitely, you have a high opportunity of getting a higher band rating in the IELTS examination.

What if I have an accent from my own nation?

Well, it's regular for anyone to maintain an accent from their own language. There is no such sort of restriction that having an accent from your very own country is needs to lead to a reduced band rating in the IELTS test. Instead of this, you must ask what if it is causing trouble to the examiner to comprehend. My suggestion is that if your native tongue accent is so hefty that it is very hard to understand your English enunciation, you will get a reduced score.

Nevertheless, if your accent with MTI is extremely mild and also English enunciation is clear and easy to understand, there are likely greater opportunities of the desired band score. All of it relies on the efforts of the listener that they make in recognizing your speech. The much less effort is called for the extra opportunities of obtaining a greater band score. Nevertheless, always keep in mind, you are still required to demonstrate the attributes of pronunciation.

What should I focus on?

In place of attempting your IELTS examiner with a strange accent that sounds synthetic or possibly ridiculous in some cases leaves a negative impact on your supervisor instead of making them excited. It doesn't that you are making use of high vocabulary up until your accent is not understandable. So, the pointer is to keep your accent natural while speaking.
Additionally, we have actually listed vital factors which affect IELTS test noting and also lead to high band scores in IELTS speaking exam. Noting is classified right into 4 areas you will discover in-band descriptors.

Fluency Comprehensibility

Fluency in English is associated with several variables such as grammar, talking abilities, vocabulary, and confidence. It is just one of the crucial elements on which your IELTS speaking exam is marked. One can enhance their English-speaking fluency by staying clear of one of the most typical errors and daily practice.
You can also refer to the provided write-up-.

10 Myths Concerning Fluency In Spoken English-Get Tips To Improve!!

Lexical Resource.

High vocabulary is the greatest device to obtain a high band score in IELTS talking examination. Nevertheless, your ideas need to be a clear inspector. Having excellent vocabulary does not indicate utilizing long complicated words which make no feeling and also are not associated with the subject. A vocabulary is a device that is handy in presenting your ideas plainly as well as makes it possible for far better interaction.
Read the offered short articles to be familiar with every little thing about IELTS vocabulary.

Proven Ways To Enhance Your Vocabulary Get Higher IELTS Score.

Learn using Mind Maps in Structure Your IELTS Vocabulary.

Grammatical Range Precision.

Using grammatic structure properly and in the appropriate percentage is required in IELTS Talking. 25% overall marking in the IELTS examination is based on the use of grammar range and also precision. Nonetheless, this term does not mean that your grammar use should be correct just yet it ought to be differed also. A mix of easy, substance, as well as intricate grammatical structures, should be used in order to get a high band score in the IELTS test.


You may get surprised to know that 25% of your potential IELTS speaking score is marked on the basis of pronunciation. Words should articulate clearly and precisely, if it stops working to give clearness of idea to the examiner then it might leave a negative influence on the overall band rating. It must be no or minimal initiative for the supervisor to comprehend what you wish to claim. It does not matter that your fluency is outstanding, grammar, as well as vocabulary, get on point until your enunciation is not clear to the supervisor. Provided short articles can assist you in enhancing your English pronunciation-.

Is accent essential in the IELTS speaking examination?

Currently, we are practically clear regarding the relevance of pronunciation in the IELTS test. On the other hand, if we speak about accent after that prospects need to not stress over the accent they are using as the IELTS test is not noted on the basis of accent.

Different Aspects on which Pronunciation is Marked.

Trainees' enunciation is assessed on numerous elements by the talking examiner. The highlights of IELTS speaking pronunciation are stated listed below-.
Individual noise- comparable noises (p/b m/n d/t), consonant collections (sht/ cht etc), size of vowels (sheep/ship, etc), schwa (the lazy vowel sound that is never ever stressed), silent letters.

Strong Weak Forms- for instance, words "and also" can be pronounced in two ways, either in other words kind which implies "n" like snacks n beverages or in a solid kind like snacks as well as beverages on the basis of exactly how as well as when you utilize it.

Word stress and anxiety and also syllables.

Word Pronunciation.

Sentence stress and anxiety.
Chunking- Chunking describes placing parts of a sentence with each other right into pieces to produce tension as well as quality within a sentence.
Use Tightenings such as the use of "I didn't" instead of "I did not"," I wanna" instead of "I want to" and also more.
Band Score on Basis of Enunciation.

Pronunciation Recommendations.

We concur that pronunciation is something that takes some time as well as method to improve. This isn't something you can change right before the exam. Nonetheless, you can just brighten your abilities by paying attention to information networks, docudramas and also stalking them at the same time to enhance your pronunciation. An additional amusing choice is Netflix for improving English, binge watch films, internet series as well as even more.
Speak out loud what you gained from movies, film famous discussions, any kind of random IELTS speaking cue card, or anything in English just to obtain comfortable with the language gain that confidence in talking. Videotape your speeches and pay attention to it once again. Check for your errors as well as enhance then tape-record again. Repeat till you get perfection in enunciation

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