Love the Moon-Little Magic Star in Jianghu

With a thick smile, he reached out and pushed his hair away, and saw a very small face. But there was a pair of bright black eyes, which looked young and had a faint fear.


With a thick smile, he reached out and pushed his hair away, and saw a very small face. But there was a pair of bright black eyes, which looked young and had a faint fear. You have beautiful eyes. The smile on the thick face of the night was deeper, and the little beggar was no longer on guard against them. The little beggar smiled. In fact, he thought the girl in front of him had more beautiful eyes. What's your name? Why are you here alone? Asked Ye Xi Nong. Small beans. Replied the little beggar. Small beans? Ye Xi raised his eyebrows. What kind of name is that? But she did not know that the children of ordinary families were mostly given cheap names that were easy to raise. Little Bean, where is your family? Why are you alone? The little bean's eyes darkened, and then he shook his head: "I have no family." The night is thick and sympathetic to him. Such a lovely child is alone. If you meet a bad person, you will be miserable. Then you can follow us from now on. The words came out of his mouth. Ture There was a flash of surprise in Little Bean's eyes. OK Summer night also looked down at the night unexpectedly, from this period of contact, he knew that she was a kind but afraid of trouble little girl, this time she would actually bring small beans? "Mmm." Ye Xi nodded his head. Text Little Magic Star Chuang Jianghu 24: Meet Little Bean's Enemy by Chance "Little Bean, why are you here alone?" Night Xi Nong found a slightly clean stone slab and sat down, asking the small bean. A child of seven or eight years old lives alone in a dilapidated temple,beam impact tubes, which makes him feel too wrong. I escaped. The little bean lowered his head and answered softly. Escape? Night Xi thick and summer night looked at each other, do not understand what he meant to escape? "Don't you have no family?" "Mmm." The little bean nodded, looking rather lonely. When I was four years old, there was a flood in my hometown. My parents were washed away by the flood, and I was the only one left in my family. Later,side impact beams, I was sold to a big family as a slave, but the wife of that family was acerbic and withheld people's food. Her son and daughter were very domineering and let me ride for them every day. Even at the age of nine, the eldest young master provoked a bully, but he wanted me to take the blame. Then I had no choice but to escape and beg all the way until now. "Wait-" Night Xi suddenly reached out to stop his words and looked at him suspiciously with bright eyes. How old are you now? Doesn't he look like a year old? Nine years old? That is to say, he is older than his appearance? "Thirteen." Replied the little bean. Thirteen? "Ye Xi Nong couldn't believe that a child who looked 13 years old actually said he was 13 years old." Uh Little Bean nodded his head. The night and the summer night looked at each other, and it seemed that he had really suffered a lot. The next day, the night is thick, they took the small beans to the town. He changed into a new suit of clothes and tidied up his messy hair. Although he was still thin and looked like a child, he was much more energetic. Come on, let's find an inn first. "Said the night, stainless steel tube 304 ,beam impact tubes, grinning and leading them forward." Let go of me. Suddenly, on the way to a lane, I saw a group of people pulling a girl towards me. Don't struggle, you just follow this young master. As long as you follow this young master, eat well, drink spicy, enjoy endless splendor and wealth. A young man dressed in white pretended to shake the folding fan smartly and looked at the girl with obscene eyes in his black eyes. Bah! You bully! You will die a terrible death. Release Miss Ben quickly, or Miss Ben will make you look good. The girl was fifteen or sixteen years old, dressed in a yellow brocade skirt and dressed up well. She could see that she was the daughter of a rich family. Joke, in this place, who dares to oppose this young master? The young man hooked his lips with an evil smile. "Just follow this young master back to the house and be my concubine.". Ha ha ha "Ha ha ha." The young man's entourage also laughed with publicity, which made the girl who was caught angry and angry. When the little bean took a glance at the young master's face, he was suddenly stunned and quickly turned sideways to cover his face. "What's the matter?" Night Xi looked at the small beans in puzzlement, and then, as if remembering something, looked up at the young master: "You know him?" The little bean's head was still hanging, and then he answered in a whisper: "He is the eldest young master of that family." And the one who bullied him the most. Night Xi nodded clearly, looking at the group of arrogant bullies, suddenly his eyes lit up and he had an idea: "Little Bean, do you want revenge?" "What?" The little bean was startled by the sudden words of the night and looked up at her. That guy must have bullied you before. Don't you want revenge? Ye Xi Nong continued, noticing the approaching guy. Small beans thought, and then nodded, he is not willing to be bullied. And if it hadn't been for that family, he wouldn't have run away and lived like a beggar. Think "Well, look, how can I avenge you?" "Night Xi thick hook lips a bad smile, and then motioned to small beans and summer night to go to one side of the alley to hide, she walked toward the group of people." Young master, there is another beautiful girl. A servant in Tsing Yi watched the night coming up with sharp eyes, so he hurriedly said to the man in white. "Where?" The man in white took advantage of the situation and saw the thick night. The thief's eyes lit up, but the saliva did not flow down. Sure enough, she was a beautiful little girl. Although she looked very young, she was absolutely beautiful. Young master,impact beam tubes, this girl is more beautiful. “……” The servants who acted as jackals to the tiger also looked at the thick night with drooling. Disgust flashed through the thick eyes of night, so fast that people could not catch it. His pink face changed into an expression of fear, and he stared at them with watery eyes: What are you going to do? Why did you arrest that sister? The girl who had struggled before was anxious and resentful when she saw the bullies staring at another beautiful little sister. Shouted at the man in white:.