President, I want a divorce.

When Lin came out wrapped in a bath towel, she saw Gu Zekai breathing steadily with her eyes closed.


When Lin came out wrapped in a bath towel, she saw Gu Zekai breathing steadily with her eyes closed. Her clear eyes fell on the bedside table, and the diamond ring the size of a pigeon egg was still lying there, like an ordinary household decoration. Gu Zekai seemed to fall asleep, aware of this, Lin midsummer slowly leaned over, wet hair after the towel wipe has been half dry state, sitting quietly on the edge of the bed, soft bed because of her weight deep concave down. The bedroom window was not closed, the curtains were slightly shaken by the wind, the breeze was slightly cool, but it was no longer so cold, although wrapped in a bath towel showing a large area of snow-white shoulders, Lin still did not feel so cold. Gu Zekai's strong chest rose and fell steadily, his arms and fingers, which had been pillowed on the back of his head, were crossed in the lower abdomen, and the wall lamp in the room was yellow, which made Gu Zekai's resolute and handsome face more three-dimensional, and his thin lips tightened into a line. Looking at, Lin midsummer's eyes more and more soft up, even the slender fingers can not help but reach out to fiddle with his forehead hair, his hair is very soft, black black. Gu Zekai fell asleep like a child, Lin Midsummer thought, without the slightest vigilance and preparedness, in the face of her and in the face of others is a completely different look, all his imperfections are unreservedly revealed to her, I am afraid in this world in addition to her. No woman will ever know that the man who has been voting for the best lover online in T city for many years has so many minor problems in his life! In fact, when he returned the ring to him and saw Gu Zekai's confused eyes, he felt some regret in his heart. Obviously, the atmosphere during the recording of the program was very good, his proposal was also very appropriate, and her acceptance was also logical. But it is precisely because of this, her heart will be somewhat awkward, this man knows that in front of everyone she will not give him face, in short, she will agree. Besides, what Gu Zekai said on the show took all the blame on herself and shaped the good side on her. Lin midsummer does not like him like this, what the media netizens say to let them go, why does Gu Zekai care whether she is good or bad in the eyes of others? As the saying goes, it takes two to tango, and marital problems are not just the responsibility of one person. Now in retrospect, she used to stubbornly live with Gu Zekai in the way she thought was right. She didn't say anything, but carried it alone. Without communication, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet crates, she could only speculate at random. It was really too immature. Looking at Gu Zekai's sleeping handsome face, Lin midsummer helplessly stretched out his hand to help him unbutton his shirt, the bronze texture gradually exposed outside, showing a strong luster under the yellow wall lamp, the thin figure is enough to make the woman see a bright eye. But unfortunately, this man is hers! And his figure, also only oneself can enjoy alone! The moment the shirt was open, Gu Zekai's three scattered gunshot scars on his shoulders reappeared in front of her eyes, and just by imagining Lin Midsummer could guess how crazy he was at the beginning. In fact, even knowing that Gu Zekai had learned the truth of that year, Lin still believed that what Gu Zekai had done was not just for the purpose of repaying his kindness. It had been so long since she had come back, and all she had heard from different people was his self-abuse, his sadness, his madness, and even his despair. If these could not show his love for himself, then what was it? Gu Zekai moved, adjusted the posture, a large area of shoulder texture exposed outside, the scar of the gunshot wound more clearly reflected in the eyes of Lin midsummer, because it is the relationship between the side, Gu Zekai's face buried in the soft pillow, people can not see the expression. Devilishly, Lin Midsummer carefully supported Gu Zekai on both sides of his body with his slender arms. The gully in front of his chest became deeper and deeper because of his posture. The softness without underwear was covered by a bath towel, which was even more beautiful. After removing the makeup, her face returned to a clear and clean level, her lips were full and moist, and she was closer and closer to his bronzed shoulders. Until the soft lips pressed on the white scar on his shoulder, the tip of his tongue lingered to outline the shape of the scar, slightly sucking, as if he wanted to brand the mark of Lin Midsummer, but he was afraid that Gu Zekai would wake up at any time. Every time love, this man will always be overbearing in her body to leave a red mark to prove his exclusive, and at this time she did is to apply what she learned, he gave himself to use it on him! It was not until she sucked three red marks on his shoulder that Lin midsummer raised his head with satisfaction. How long are you going to pretend to sleep? She softly approached Gu Zekai's ear, imitating the way he attacked himself every time, tracing the outline of his ear with the tip of her tongue, and even sucking Gu Zekai's earlobe in a good mood! The next moment, Lin midsummer only felt a tight waist, the whole thin and soft body was thrown down on the big bed enough to accommodate three people, although the heart has been prepared, but she still can not help but give a low shout. When he turned over and lay on his side just now, she had already found that he was pretending to sleep, his dense eyelashes were trembling slightly, and the eyeballs under his eyelids were still moving unconsciously. How could this scene not be discovered by the thoughtful Lin Midsummer? "Then how long will you be uncomfortable?" The heat of Gu Zekai's chest surrounded Lin in midsummer, without any embarrassment of being found pretending to sleep, burying her face in her snow-white neck, and the sweet smell came in bursts. Lin sat quietly in his arms, just enough to see the frequency of his Adam's apple rolling up and down from her point of view,plastic pallet bins, and reached out to touch the different protuberances between his neck and hers. I don't like the way you propose. Other men propose by kneeling on one knee with a flower in one hand and a diamond ring in the other. Look at what you said, 'Even if you don't kneel on one knee, she will be Gu Zekai's woman all her life.' You can say so arrogant words! 。