History of the evolution of the loser apprentice

At this moment, someone whose heart beats faster realizes that he can't answer casually when he talks to someone


At this moment, someone whose heart beats faster realizes that he can't answer casually when he talks to someone, otherwise he may be in a dilemma. But Xiao Duo is still quick-witted, at this time, she still remembered Huo Changkong will wake her up in the end for what, hurriedly jumped out of bed, hurriedly said: "Yes, yes, there is a siege battle tonight, I have to go to the meeting.." Can I go to your study to play games? Huo Changkong smiled, tidied up the things on his hands, got out of bed, pulled Xiao Duo into the study together, opened the computer and entered the password, then sat on the sofa in the study, and continued to look at his documents. Xiao Duo first jumped on the game and crooked, then looked at Huo Changkong, then slightly frowned and said: "You'd better go and have a rest!"! What would you like for dinner? After discussing things with them later, I'll do it for you! Although Huo Changkong liked the feeling of Xiao Duo cooking for him, his stomach was overwhelmed by the sweet porridge. He hesitated for a moment and said, "Call downstairs for dinner. Tell me what you want to eat later. I'll call you." "Oh." Xiao Duo bit her lip and failed to take care of her boyfriend. This is really a tragic life! After scratching her head with a little distress, Xiao Duo began to think about whether she should also hone her cooking skills? There is no gang battle in the game played by Xiao Duo. The so-called gang melee means that the siege battle at 8 p.m. every Saturday is a team battle mode with the gang as the participating unit. The whole battle will last for two hours. The leader of the gang must represent the gang to talk with the administrator of the Blood God Village within 24 hours before the start of the siege battle and apply to participate in the siege. Siege warfare is divided into three camps: the siege side,plastic pallet suppliers, the defense side, and the neutral side. There is a "sealed tower" in the Blood God Mansion. Successful sealing and holding to the end of the city battle is the success of the siege. At the end of the battle, the gang with control of the sealed tower wins, gains the ownership of the city, enjoys the benefits of the city, and maintains until the next city battle. This is the first time the small gang to participate in the siege, before because of the relationship between personnel, at most some people do not sign up,plastic pallet price, through a neutral way to stir up and stir up, formal registration or big girl on the sedan chair, also because the small gang up and down are extremely chicken blood, early about the brilliant home that a few people who often fight the siege, I'm going to have an early meeting today on the teaching of siege warfare and the arrangement of wartime technology. Although Xiao Duo secretly "despised" the excited gang, but in fact she didn't have to be much better than others. When she went to sign up, her hands were trembling. They were going to attack the city, but several times she almost signed up to guard the city. Of course, by this time, Xiao Duo would not admit that she had been so humiliated. She pretended to be calm and organized a pre-war lecture on the siege, arranging questions and answers in an orderly manner. Brilliant home people that is the blood God mansion siege of frequent visitors, very experienced, plus this time guarding the city is brilliant and long river sunset, but said this is the first time since the warring States era of official nature of the game, who also don't want to fall behind, plastic bulk containers ,secondary containment pallet, so to fall in succession led by many people are also very concerned about, put their accumulated experience Let the small white people who have never fought a siege battle shout loudly-the harvest is great! First of all, the first siege battle of each server, the defender of the city is the NPC monster, once the leader of the player's gang will seal the tower successfully, you can win directly, then the siege battle will end immediately. However, in view of the fact that everyone is involved in each other, it is basically impossible to reach such a level, not to mention that Ao Xiaoli is Emei, not strong enough, it is not easy to break through the tight encirclement and score a touchdown, so this step is let go. In the first round, their purpose is that they must not let others seal the success-of course, if the bloody war can rush through, that is also a good thing, in the end is an ally. Explained this point, and stressed that when the time comes do not need to use PK mode, as long as the Lian Ji mode can directly attack the enemy, as long as not to open all the mode, it will certainly not hit their own people, and about the city war when the resurrection of the problem and so on, and finally said: "We are the side of the siege, when the city war begins, there will be a flying sword sign overhead." On the head of our Pear Sect Leader is the symbol of throwing axes, which can only be seen by our alliance guarding the city. We'd better pay attention to protecting the pears at that time. "Oh, our Pear Sect Leader has a special bodyguard!" "Yes, yes, the close meat shield boyfriend of the Pear Sect Leader," the benevolent man shouted in a loud voice. "I think the word needs to be changed. It has to be changed to the Boss-level close meat shield boyfriend of the Pear Sect Leader." I said, isn't that a little too long? Xiao Duo tears, glad that she is wearing headphones on the crooked, such words did not let someone hear. After thinking about it, Xiao Duo pressed the speech button and was about to open his mouth to explain that someone was going to recuperate today. Huo Changkong, who had been reading the document, suddenly looked up as if he remembered something. He asked, "Would you like me to go up when we fight in the city at night?"? There is a computer in Yaoyao's room. Huo Changkong's voice just fell, and there was silence in the crooked channel. Although wearing headphones, the microphone is still placed on the table, it seems that because it is more advanced and has a wider range of radio, it is convenient for someone to speak when he gets up. After Xiao Duo noticed this, she spoke in a low voice for fear of disturbing someone's work. But the voice was so low that people might not hear it, so she turned the microphone to the maximum. Huo Changkong suddenly opened his mouth like this, and this microphone with high performance and excellent radio effect truthfully transmitted his words to the gang channel. Just when everyone was silent and didn't know what to say to achieve the best effect, suddenly a voice sounded- "Pear, did you live with your Boss-level personal meat shield boyfriend?" You just live together, and I'm still a big girl! Xiao Duo wanted to lift the table very much, so she shouted with grief and indignation,collapsible pallet box, "Dai Xiaolian, don't talk nonsense and make trouble!"! I only came to take care of him today because he was ill! There's no such thing as cohabitation, you. 。 binpallet.com