Industrial hegemony

Lin Zhenhua promised to design a Shanzhai gear hobbing machine for Yang Xin, not on a whim. He had read the relevant literature in the past and


Lin Zhenhua promised to design a Shanzhai gear hobbing machine for Yang Xin, not on a whim. He had read the relevant literature in the past and knew that a universal milling machine could be transformed into a simple gear hobbing machine. When he got home, he thought over the whole principle several times, deduced it on the map for half a day, and finally drew several drawings. The next day, he came to the foundry workshop with drawings to find his best friend Zhao Yongqun and asked him to cast several workpieces for himself. In Hanhua Machinery Factory, it is common for workers to use the equipment and materials in the factory to do some private work. For example, none of the briquette stoves used by every household in the factory were bought from stores, but were welded by workers themselves with scrap iron sheets, scrap steel bars and other things. Factory leaders will not interfere with workers doing this kind of private work, relying on mountains to eat mountains, relying on water to drink water, as workers in the factory, how can they not take advantage of the factory. In fact, the coal ball stove in the factory leader's own home is also made with the help of the workers. Is it necessary for the upper beam to be so straight and the lower beam to be so straight? "Yongqun, there are several such workpieces. Can you help me cast them?" Lin Zhenhua took out the drawing and handed it to Zhao Yongqun. Zhao Yongqun took a look at the drawing, simulated the appearance of the workpiece with his hand, and asked doubtfully: "What is this for?" Lin Zhenhua smiled: "Yes, brother, now look at the drawings a little bit." "You taught me well,Automatic Nail Making Machine," said Zhao Yongqun. You're not trying to praise yourself, are you? Zhao Yongqun is a general worker in the foundry workshop. He doesn't need to look at the drawings at ordinary times, nor does he have a master to teach him how to look at the drawings. After Lin Zhenhua came back, he put him together with Chu Hongyang and Peng Shaozhe to form a study group, and taught them mechanical principles and other related knowledge when they were free. Zhao Yongqun followed Lin Zhenhua to learn how to read mechanical drawings, otherwise he could not imagine the appearance of a workpiece from a three-view drawing. Lin Zhenhua did not explain anything to Zhao Yongqun, but asked, "This thing is useful to me,Nail Making Machine price, and it is related to my brother's sex for the rest of his life." Happiness. Say a quick word, can you help me cast it? Zhao Yongqun nodded and said, "These little things don't need much molten iron. I'll see which furnace has more molten iron. Let my father cast one for you." Zhao Yongqun's father, Zhao Dawei, is a foundry worker. When casting workpieces, sometimes a furnace of molten iron will have some surplus. This surplus of molten iron is useless. It is not a violation of regulations to cast a workpiece for Lin Zhenhua. Then thank your father. Lin Zhenhua said, turning to go. You're just gonna leave? Zhao Yongqun shouted. "Why," said Lin Zhenhua, "do I have to tip you when my brother asks you to work?" Zhao Yongqun said, "You want to cast a workpiece. Where is the wooden mold?"? My father is a foundry worker. He can only make sand molds, but he doesn't care about wood molds. "Yes, there is also this link." Lin Zhenhua patted his head. You have to go to the wooden mold class to find someone to help make the wooden mold, and then give it to my father to make the sand mold. In this way, you go to find Lao Hu, Nail machine manufacturer ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, Lao Hu's technology is good, people are good, easy to talk. Zhao Yongqun suggested. Who is Lao Hu? Lin Zhenhua asked. Is it Populus euphratica? Don't you know him? "Hu Yang?"? I have a little impression. Where is he? "I'll take you to the wooden model class." 025 Populus euphratica The process of casting a workpiece in a factory is as follows: first, a model of the workpiece is made of wood, and then the wood model is wrapped with sand, binder and water. After the raw material of the sand mold is solidified, the wooden mold is removed to form a sand mold cavity. Then, the molten iron of 1300 degrees is poured into the cavity of the sand mold, and after cooling, the cast iron workpiece is formed. The type of work specializing in making wood models is called wood model workers. Compared with carpenters in rural areas, wood model workers have a better technical level, because the accuracy requirements of wood models are much higher than those of ordinary furniture. In the factory, the workers often ask the wood moulders in the factory to help them make furniture at home. Of course, although they are all colleagues, they have to pay for the furniture. Populus euphratica is a wooden model worker in Hanhua Machinery Factory. He is 40 years old and wears a pair of myopic glasses. He looks a little gentle, which is not in line with his identity. Lin Zhenhua also knew Populus euphratica before. He did not know when Populus euphratica came to work in Hanhua Machinery Factory. In his impression, since Lin Zhenhua was sensible, there had been this person in the factory. Hu Yang's wife, Qin Ying, is also a statistician in the container workshop of Hanhua Machinery Factory. In Lin Zhenhua's mind, the impression of the Populus euphratica family is very vague. It seems that they have never participated in any disputes in the factory, nor have they been commended or punished. In short, they are the kind of extremely unknown family. There is only one thing that can attract the attention of the Populus euphratica family, that is, their children do not follow the surname of Populus euphratica, but follow the surname of Qin Ying, called Qin Bo and Qin Tao respectively. In Hanhua Machinery Factory, of course, there are children with their mother's surname, but generally speaking, there are more than one child, one or more of them with their mother's surname, unlike in the Populus euphratica family, all the children have their mother's surnames. Some people speculate that Populus euphratica may be the son-in-law of the Qin family, so the children born should follow the surname of the father-in-law. These busybodies also deliberately want to find out what kind of family Qin Ying's family is, the result is disappointed, whether it is Populus euphratica or Qin Ying, like jumping out of the stone crevice, simply can not find their family background information. Qin Bo and Qin Tao are not very old, and Lin Zhenhua is six or seven years old, so Lin Zhenhua has no friendship with them. However, he has also heard people say that the two brothers and sisters are doing exceptionally well in the primary school for the children of the factory. If any children of Hanhua Machinery Factory can be admitted to a key university in the future, then the two brothers and sisters should be the most promising candidates. Everyone said that the Populus euphratica couple was a wimp, and it was unexpected that the two children were so promising that they could be regarded as taking the lead for their parents. Now, Lin Zhenhua and Zhao Yongqun are standing in front of Populus euphratica,nail manufacturing machine, begging him to help make some wooden models. Master Hu, do you have time to do me such a favor? As he spoke, Lin Zhenhua put an unopened box of Double Happiness cigarettes in the toolbox of Populus euphratica.

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