Additionally, the stream provided a glimpse of games for consoles

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When it comes to hunting grounds An underwater one is also on the way Elyon Gold.  The Secret Sea can only be reached by submarines. There are monsters lurking there.

Also of note - although not anywhere near the last piece of information revealed for Elyon in this stream - There are 2 new class types. You can now anticipate becoming an Paladin or Soulbringer. The Paladin is basically the same as you'd expect from a class with that name at any time. They're capable of healing as well as defense and can be an excellent addition to any team. Soulbringer On the other hand, is a fast-paced melee class, equipped with the power of a sword as well as the ability to control souls. This means that they possess abilities which allow them to hurt their enemies by revealing the weakness of their souls.

Talking about ArcheAge, in addition to ArcheAge Unchained, the developers addressed the game's battle pass with the observation that players find it boring. As a result, they've revamped it , and have created something that they believe has "really exciting rewards but without being overwhelming". The new experience coming to Unchained comes with the Steel Lightning mount. This mount is equipped with speed boosts and stun skills. The cherry on the top is a stealth skill that allows the rider to sneak up on mobs when riding it. If there weren't any other mounts you were hoping for, such as for instance the Typhoon Drake, don't worry. They're planning to add them to upcoming passes.

As for March's content, players can look forward to various new cloaks. Also, The Mistsong Summit Dungeon is getting love as well. To top it off the news of a new zone was teased. However, it was a tinny tease considering the new zone is not expected in the summer of.

Additionally, the stream provided a glimpse of games for consoles Eternal Return: Lumia Experiment. It is planned to be released via Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. It will include all characters of the current Eternal Return game, although some might be added later due to buy Elyon Gold technical reasons. The players should expect Eternal Return: Lumia Experiment to launch towards the end of the year.