Marmoset Monkey for Sale

We love the breed and pride ourselves with continually breeding sound and secure companions and lovely Monkeys. I select compatible bloodlines and do not simply breed with the flavor of Show winners. Our Monkeys ARE OUR FAMILY.. and we do not “kennel” our family.. they run free in our


If You you are searching for a Marmoset monkey for sale, You ought to think about it. These monkeys are close to nothing, adorable primate that needs a gigantic walled in area and a ton of toys. The fenced-in area should be cleaned consistently and have a hot light. The future owner should have the choice to get the animal from the raiser's office. They ought to be kept inside and should be treated with sensitive thought. The thought of a Marmoset is identical to that of various species.


Marmoset monkeys are the most commonly kept and traded kinds of primate. By far most of these are typical marmosets, but we moreover see Geoffroy's marmosets and once in a while combinations of the two. Kid marmosets, being pretty much nothing, have been mis-sold as bantam marmosets or finger monkeys. They're being taken from their mothers very early by raisers who convince buyers they can be repressed. These animals are destined for certain issues later on in their lives.

There are three social occasions of marmosets: the "legitimate" marmosets, the tamarins, and Goeldi's monkey (Callimico goeldi). Moreover called Goeldi's marmoset, this species is found simply in the western Amazon River bowl. Dim in assortment and maned, it contrasts from various marmosets in that it has a third course of action of molars and doesn't bear twins.

They live in the rainforests of the Amazon River's upper feeders. The length of the head and body of these species is around 14 cm (6 inches), and the tail is somewhat longer.


Things you ought to be aware

We don't recommend marmosets or tamarins as pets to kids or fresh beautiful animal owners. Do whatever it takes not to apply for a monkey if you can't manage a pet that snack (hard!). Just supported up-and-comers who have done their investigation on this it be considered to challenge exceptional animal will be thought of.