Spider-Man No Way Home: This mistake regrets Tom Holland very much

Tom Holland revealed in an interview that he regrets a certain cause he did not do when taking over as Peter Parker.


While actor Tom Holland is already on press tour for the Uncharted movie celebrates Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to achieve successes at the movie. Currently, sales are at 1.77 billion US dollars . Only Avengers Endgame and Infinity was able to take more money than MCU film. Danger! Follow spoilers to No Way Home.

Tom Holland regrets a certain thing

To the highlights of No Way Home counted the return of known figures of older spider-man films. Including the comeback of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in their role as Spider-Man. In an interview Tom Holland has now revealed that he regretted it did not talk to Andrew Garfield earlier. Finally, he was the successor of The Amazing Spider-Man as a new Spider-Man in Mcu .

That said Tom Holland in the interview

_ "I could not be happier for him [...] and regret it not called him when I became Spider-Man. Someone told me about my second film that I am out and such a child's role takes over, it would have broken my heart. I wish I had the chance to make the realization - but this film was our opportunity. "_

"Not only did he have the opportunity to close peace with the character and studio, too I had the opportunity to share with him this moment. His facial expression when he saves Zendaya (MJ) is absolutely real and I am really proud of him. I am huge that he recovered the world and the people could remember that his spider-man films are fantastic. "_

How is it with Spider-Man?

After completing the trilogy in the MCU, it should continue with Tom Holland as a Spider-you in the future. But there are not concrete plans yet. It will soon be with Spider-Man: Freshman Year a prequel series at Disney + . Away from the MCU also starts Spider-Man: Across The Spider Version (Part One) on 6. October 2022 in the cinema.

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