Kühnhackl makes it exciting: improved deb

The German ice hockey national team collected in their final third group match against the US in the narrow 2: 3 the second defeat, the group A terminates as third parties and must - as in 2018 - in quarterfinal qualification.


National coach Toni Söderholm gave a break compared to the little glorious 3: 2 against China Mathias Niederberger in the goal. Danny started from the birches, on the bench sat Felix Brückmann. While Marco Novak was missing again, Daniel Pietta and David Wolf slipped from the team in the attack. The storm ranks also turned around the coach. Among other things, Tobias Rieder, Dominik Kahun and Matthias Plachta played in a formation.

Hager completed - Camphor very precisely

The German team caught a dream start this time: In an early overpayment game, the skilfully opened Patrick Hager Germany took the lead in accordance with exactly 120 seconds played. However, the joy of the 1: 0 did not last long. Already in the 5th minute, Steven camphor for the USA - also in overbursement - with a hard and accurate sound shot.

Nevertheless, in the further course of the first third, the DEP team mostly presented themselves more preferably than in particular against Canada, but also wide routes to the game against China. Especially in the two bunks Korbinian Holzer Co. kept well and made the game completely open.

deb-team good in the game, but only knees meets

In the middle section, the game remained open, good chances on both sides, however, rarely. With one exception: In the 25th minute Matt knees was released in the slot in front of the German gate and achieved by direct acceptance freezing cold the 1: 2 from the point of view of the debut team.

Söderholm then tried to cancel the hits via "Challenge" after the birches lost his racket from the birches. But on the video pictures, no US player's offense was recognizable, so the hit had existed and the German team received the strain penalty, but they had no further negative impact.

In the final phase of the second third, Germany made pressure on the 2: 2 in PowerPlay, but did not come through with several degrees.

Plachtas Impainable bad pass

At the beginning of the final section then fell - after an uncontrolled Plachta pass in the middle of its own goal - 3: 1 for the North Americans. Nathan Smith said with a direct acceptance by returning to the German Fauxpas Thanks (43.).

In the final phase, the DEP team increased the pressure and came in the person of Tom Kühnhackl, who recalled his own repellent with the backhand after a Schlenzer of Lean Bergmann from the Blue Line, nor the goal (58.).

Germany has to compete on Tuesday in one of four qualifiers for the quarter-finals (Wednesday) against Slovakia against which the DEB team had won their only training game in Beijing before the Olympic Tournament with 5: 3. In Pyeongchang, a conceivable 2-1 win against Switzerland after Overtime at the same place in the tournament had initiated the sensational victory train to the Olympic Final.

Statistics for the game

USA - Germany 3: 2 (1: 1, 1: 0, 1: 1)


Commesso (man) - Ness, Camphor; Cooper, Faber; Warsofsky, Pernix; Helleson - Agostino, Miele, O'Neill; Knees, Benier, Abruzzo; Cates, Meyers, Farrell; Brisson, Smith, Hentges; Shore.


From the birches (Brückmann) - Wagner, Holzer; J. Müller, Abelshauser; M. Müller, Brandt; Bittner - Rieder, Kahun, Plachta; Nobels, Loibl, Pfäderl; Ehlliz, Hager, Tiffels; Bergmann, cramps, Kühnhackl.

Goals: 0: 1 (2:00) Hager (Plachta, Kahun) PP, 1: 1 (4:26) Camphor (Miele, Meyers) PP, 2: 1 (24:50) Knees (Abruzzo, Ness), 3: 1 (42:47) Smith, 3: 2 (57:31) Kühnhackl (Bergmann, J. Müller).

Pencil times: USA 12 - Germany 10.

Referee: Romasko (Russia), Sidorenko (Belarus).

Viewers: 708.

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