The job list of Metroid Prime 4 leaves fans of Nintendo without hope

A new job offer associated with the development of Metroid first 4 has left many nintendo fanatics feeling hopeless. In 2017,


Retro Studios is an American computer game growth studio belonging to Nintendo and based in Austin in Texas. It was established by Jeff Spangenberg (Turok Series Designer) in 1998. It is guided by Michael Kelbaugh.

A new job offer associated with the development of Metroid first 4 has left many feeling hopeless Nintendo fans. In 2017, Nintendo officially announced it was working on a fourth installment of the Metroid Prime series for Nintendo Switch, which made fans of all life will be thrilled. Unfortunately, it was later revealed that the development of the game was restarted in early 2019 with Retro Studios head now. Since then, Nintendo has not said a word about the state of the game, the least in a way that provides clarity about what happens behind the scenes. Now, Retro Studios has broken that silence a little today, but in the process, has made only some fans feel fear.

On social networking sites this morning, Retro Studios made a public call to inform potential developers was hiring for a couple of new roles in the company to work. Metroid first 4. While the message was addressed to potential job candidates, fans ended up flooding the publication with answers. Some of these responses were just happy to see Metroid 4 first mentioned at all, but others were much more negative. In short, they inferred that for Retro is hiring for key roles in the development team of the game at this time must mean that MP4 is still far from its launch. Obviously, there is no way to know this for sure, but many took this message as disappointing when it comes to any possible release of the game in the short term.

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Right now, it's hard to really know when the first Metroid 4 finally launched. Both Nintendo and Retro Studios have not said a word on when it might be scheduled to reach Nintendo game Switch. In fact, not launching new developments or progress of any kind since the first logo of the game shown at E3 in 2017. While this could certainly change over the course of 2022, it definitely seems that Nintendo will remain quite silent on this game until I know for sure when to hit stores.

When do you think Metroid first 4 really throwing it end in Nintendo Switch? What do you think the game could be closer than some fans infer? Let me know your own thoughts on this matter, either in the comments section or on Twitter at @ MooreMan12.

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